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Saxophrenic's Saxophone Page
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I'm just a hobby saxophonist who is just starting out after a 37
year break. I frequent SOTW as Saxophrenic. This site is to
leave some saxophone playing sound files for my SOTW and
other friends. My "sound" is very much a work in progress.

Equipment (varies too frequently):
Alto - B & S Medusa (Yamaha 62II backup)
Kessler NYSS Mpc
Reed @ #3 Vandoren Trad. (I change brands as often as
most people change socks)

Tenor - B & S Medusa (Conn 16 M backup)
Kessler OL7 Mpc
Reed # 3 Vandoren(or Zonda, La Voz, whatever)
Bari - In my dreams so far